Tuesday, July 13, 2010


salam to all of u. let me tell u about my story one by one.

saturday, 10/7/2010

On the morning i went to school with my sister cause we've an extra class. that was an interesting day cause i can hangout with my friend while waiting for my father to reach me. okay enough of the day, now let's go to the night. well, ive went to Alamanda Putrajaya. after reaching the destiny, we went to the golden screen cinema n watch a movie named twilight saga : eclipse. that movie is so so wicked. a little bit wild and making me go crazy. but i'm so so regret cause i gone to the toilet when a part of the movie is shown. hmm... never mind. i like the part when the warewolf works together with the vampires. so, don;t miss it. if u miss it, u will regret...

sunday , 11/7/2010

doing nothing. just being a lazy girl. i've done a few revision. then, playing my brother's ps2 joyfully.

so, thats all about my holidays (lah sgt) . hope u watch eclipse

anyeonghi gaseyo

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