Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finally here again


I know it has been quite some time now since I last wrote an entry. It's just that I often ran out of ideas of what to say, what to write. My mind is all over the place right this instant.

Well, to recap my life since the last two years, it has been an up and down kind of journey, which I'd be lying if I said I went through it without the feeling of wanting to quit and just give up. Last 2 years was the year I struggled with SPM. Sitting here, I can't believe I went through a hella tough year. Never have I imagined sitting for exams which meant the world to me if I could pass it with flying colors, which alhamdulillah, I did, at least that's what I thought. Because to begin with, from the start, to even score a B for most subjects is beyond reachable for me.

I thank Allah for his blessing, surrounding me with such positive people that helped me achieved lots of things.

And again, I thank Allah for the opportunity that He gave me, to be able to further my studies at the one and only university I've been dying to be accepted to, (not exactly dying to, I actually wanted to follow my sisters' footsteps) although I got absolutely no idea about the course that I'm taking now (don't worry about it I'll get it eventually). One thing for sure is that from this stage of life, things will only going to be more tougher than it used to be before. But then again, that's what life is about. We struggle, and we learn. Just like what my lecturer had mentioned just this morning, "If everything in life is so easy, how can we expect everyone to learn and be educated?"
I guess it's not yet tough enough for me, because if it was, I wouldn't be wasting my precious time typing this entry instead of doing research for my stq's assessment lol. ok no I'd be bluffing if I meant what I said just now. (Jadual baru padat sikit je dah kecoh pi balik ah)

Sorry if this post turned out to be boring and an awkward one, I forgot how to blog okay. And I guess it's the end of my entry. I have nothing left to say, ran out of ideas. My brain is lame.

Thank you for still visiting this blog, and scanning through this post (the only person I'm dedicating this to is myself). I'll be posting entries again if I have the time to do so. Till then, assalamualaikum and have a nice day ahead :)