Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raining Sunshine ! :)

it's raining sunshine ! it's raining sunshine ! all over mankind !


hello2. its been a long time i guess since i post sumthing in this blog. so sorry readers ! lately, i felt so lazy to post sumthing on this blog. also, i just addicted to this one game on fb. ' take the dare ' and the picture appears down there.

sori la x brp jls juz ala kdr shj. ok , 'bout that take the dare thingie , u guys should know what this game did to me. it makes my fren confuse. at first, my name was raihan izzati. then its change to be raihan nabilaa . then , it turns to be raihan syakirah . then , it turns to be raihan khairunisa , n lastly , it turns to be lina khairunisa n it turns to be raihan khairunisa back . thanx to my confuse sister , lina khairunisa . n how did my name turns out to be raihan izzati back ? thanx to my mother's opinion i guess :) hehe... owh , my mother is on vacation now ! n a day after my mother came back home , its our vacation together at Genting Highland , I.Allah... So, what now ? hehe , nothing to say i guess ? so , thanx reading this crap n come later ! byebye. farewell !

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