Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vacation Baby !

As My Sissy Said ' My Mind Was Set N Ready For Vacation Baby ! '

Hey3 ! What ur doing ? Nothing ? Well , ur totally doing sumthing aight ? No ? Then , Why don't u read my crap ! Hahahah . Merepek skjp yer :P OK , back to the topic . Well , as i mentioned already , my mind was fully set for vacation (only !) Vote for TOMORROW ! Wait a minute , whats on tomorrow ? Owh , i didn't mentioned it yeh ? Hoho . So sorry ! The truth is , my vacation was tomorrow ! my family planned to go to cameron highlands . My father had plan and bought everything n its left for us to juz pack our cloth . Tomorrow , we will start our destination on the morning i guess so .

' Is It So Cold In Cameron Highlands ? '

I've been to Cameron Highlands once but i defenitely freaken forgot all of that . its so ashamed aight ? what to do ? its a characteristics of a human officially . back to the topic ! well , can i have ur help plizz ? tell me how cold is Cameron Highlands . i appreciate the one who volunteer to comment . ok . thanx visiting ! byebye n farewell . hello tomorrow baby !

Plizz comment here ok (if u want)

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