Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye everyone.

It's 7:13 a.m, perfomed my solah, and curently am not sleeping but updating my blog instead. So recently, Ive been reviewing my older posts. To be honest, I am quite embarrassed to talk about 'em but wtevar Im still gonna talk about it.

To begin my story, Ive started this blog when I was standard six on 2010. Yea thats the year Ive took my upsr, and Alhamdulillah the result turned out to be good. So if you read my first ever post on this blog, Im sure you'll be as thrill as erm, I dont exactly know. That post turned out to be so hilarious. I cant help but to delete it bc it was so immature.

Now, it's 7:31 a.m, am wondering why im always lack of ideas when im ranting something. So, to continue the 'about my blog' story, I must say that I realy am a-not-professional blog writer back then. Okay, not that I say Im a pro writer now but, to be honest, Im a much better writer now than I was before. At least Ive improved myself lah.

Okay it's 7:40 a.m now. And so I continue to rant everything (by that i mean every little thing that had happened) on this precious blog until I was in the secondary school on 2011. Thats when life turned out to be so challenging for me. Ive gone through every challenging path in every state of my life. If you read my posts in the year 2011, you can conclude that Ive expressed my feelings in this blog, as if it's a diary. I dont know either you guys ever read my posts, but I believe theres a few of them. And some of them gave me a motivation on the comments and Alhamdulillah it effect my life, thank you.

7:53 a.m, still havent finish writing this silly crap. O if you guys ever noticed, my posts' titles mainly involve about a lyric of a song. Yes, i am lazy enough to create my own title, so Ive decided to copy some inspirational lyrics, and pretend to be an inspirational person. Is that silly, or just stupid? Ok haha.

8:02 a.m now it is, am still writing. To be realy realy honest, this blog of mine, had been a precious diary to me. There came a time when i realy dont have the guts to tell the truth to anyone, thats when Ive decided to rant about it in this blog. Well, not always lah as you can see on my blog list, bc Ive privated some of it.
And there came a time when i realy dont wanna talk to my family or my closest friends, thats when this blog turn out to be my place to express everything; sadness; depression; loneliness. I must say, I spend plenty of time expressing my feelings on my blog, than expressing it to all the people that surrounding me. And I love my blog.

It's 8:14 a.m, damn why am I so slow at writing. So, its been several years; 3 years to be exact, since this blog was existed. And that exact three years had been a challenging part of my life. Alhamdulillah, Ive manage to handle it with ease. Through this blogging experiences, I found my true self, but not mainly bc of it lah.

8:23 a.m now, am wondering how much time have I wasted just now. O be sure to read my older posts to know how silly I am back then. Okay im joking, dont you ever dare to read it, haha. So Ive reached to a conclusion and theres no other thing to conclude than this:

'I will forever appreciate whoever in the past that encouraged me to start my own blog. This had been a grateful day of my life. Thank you, i love you forever.'

And thank you to all the readers out there. Bye, Assalamualaikum :)

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  1. same.. blog is not the same like twitter, instagram or facebook. blog ni macam diari. atleast for me lah