Sunday, February 1, 2015

I write

Going to write a simply cliche post. So assalamualaikum and thank you for whoever humanbeing who still willing to even view this recent post. Been a while since i last wrote, because im not a writer eventhough i like writing.

Alhamdulillah everything went well so far this year. No signs of bad news bad things bad people nothing bad in my case. New people new friends new surroundings new class never been better.

Why the sudden post? I don't even know i just feel like writing. (spot cheecky me because haven't even finished homeworks that absolutely involve writing)

Aha form five ha? Challenging yet i still survive don't even know how. To be frankly honest, i actually love living life as a senior student. Not denying the fact that i can grab all the titles, but what i like the most about being in form 5 this year is because of my new friends. Don't you even ask me why i just don't know. Just feel like it.

Thats it end of post bye

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