Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nice Blogies !!!

well, hello guys. i've decided to use english language coz its kind of interesting. owh yeh, as i mentioned, i've visited a nice blog. the blog was so cute till it makes me follow the blog. ok, enough about the cute blog. this friday, me n my fren will go on a trip to LANGKAWI !!! sorry, i'm just to excited. maybe tomorrow i will be as busy as a bee coz i must pack my cloth for the next day. so, i'll updated this blog today. hmm.... what to say hah ? owh, just now in my school, we ave an examination paper. two types : hadis n KT a.k.a kajian tmptn. owh, tomorrow i have one examination paper : al-quran. the hadis paper was quite complicated but theres a part of it that was too easy. well, i think my hadis paper was mark in gred B. owh, back to the LANGKAWI. i've decided to bring RM200. insyaAllah..
ok, bb (bye bye) n farewell... :)

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