Thursday, November 11, 2010

Result UPSR !

hello n hello. i've a great news today ! guess what ? i've got my UPSR result ! wanna know. my BM, both A. my maths, A. my science, A. my english, A. wait a second. i've got 5A's ! firstly, b4 i've got the result, my heart was like dupdap3 repeatly. in my mind was set that i will get just 3A. but, i was realy2 shocked like crazy when my name was called by the headmastress. owh, so satissfied ! alhamdulillah ! ok thats all. good luck for the next UPSR candicates. bb n farewell !

1 comment:

  1. tahniah,raihan.kite pun mcm tu jugak,sebab nama kita second last dipanggil.takut sgt.tapi bila dah dpt hati nie kata yahoooo&horeee...congrate 2 you again...